Project Description

Corporate Move: Sydney Australia to Sussex UK

Victor was a Senior Executive based in Australia.  His corporate move was to England, and by the time we were introduced, Victor had already bought a home – his wife was British and they had chosen a home close to her family.

Our Brief:

High touch service and full suite of services to ensure he and his family had a smooth relocation.

Our Service:

  • Full management to move his household belongings to the new address
  • All airport transfers, car hire and furniture hire
  • Include any additional services in our Relocation Proposal

Service execution

The exchange of contracts of the house was taking place within weeks of us being introduced to the family.  We arranged for a consultant in the UK to perform a final walk through the property with the estate agent, and prepare a detailed condition report.  The family still had 8 weeks prior to their departure so we arranged regular visits to the property to clear the mail box, and have the grass cut regularly (luckily grass does not grow to quickly in the UK!) The week prior to arrival, the new home was given a full clean, a pantry shop was performed and placed in the home, and arrangements were made for the key exchange.  Back in Sydney, the family were moved to a serviced apartment while their home was packed up, and their airfreight was uplifted and sent ahead.

All airport transfers were in place, and the family not only enjoyed a smooth transition, but they felt the company had really looked after them and done everything possible to support this life event.