Project Description

Private Relocation: Mexico to Melbourne

Michelle contacted us and discussed her private relocation from Mexico to Melbourne.  She had lived in Melbourne before and knew the area’s.  The problem Michelle had, was that she was starting a new job and would be in the training facility for her first 2 weeks.  Budget was tight, so she opted for our minimum of 5 hours, which we could review if she needed an extra couple of hours.

Working together on line, Michelle did all the research on which properties she liked on the rental market, we then gave advice on the homes, contacted the estate agent and if the property could only be inspected at a time when Michelle was not available, we would visit the property on her behalf.

Michelle filed the applications and we followed up with the estate agents and handled all of the negotiations. Once she was approved on a home, we had all of her utilities connected and she was in her own home with only 7 hours of our support.

The service I had from Personnel Relocations was great.  My move was very time sensitive, and having them as a sounding board was reassuring.  I would not have been able to visit the home I liked the most, so was every so grateful that at a moments notice, Kate could visit on my behalf.  Great service at a great price.