Project Description

Private Move: Gold Coast to Melbourne

Mary was a single mother with 2 children who were moving interstate to be closer to family.  She engaged us for an unaccompanied support to find a new home.  Mary had planned just 3 days to visit Melbourne to view homes.  We narrowed down her search area based on the children’s schooling needs, their lifestyle (Mary is a Trail Runner) and her work commute. The last minute before Mary’s THREE day visit, one of the children fell ill and Mary could not travel .

We jumped in and visited the homes on her behalf.  Uploading photos, video and a detailed report on our findings.  Three applications were filed and Mary was approved on her first preference!  She arrived with the boys on a Thursday morning, and went directly to their new home.  By Monday morning she waved the boys goodbye at their new school, they hardly missed a beat in their routine.