Project Description

Private Move: Johannesburg to Melbourne

Marcus was moving his family without any corporate support. At the time of contacting us, they had short listed 4 schools because one of their daughters had special needs and these were the only schools that could accommodate her.  Marcus and Jane were looking for trusted removalists that could also import his antique motorbike.  We were engaged for 10 hours of accompanied support to find a house – which was cheaper than another week in a hotel, and they had our guidance to count on for their family relocation.

Understanding the family needs, we worked with them to narrow down their search area, taking lifestyle, commute and schools into consideration.  We then planned an intensive home search for their arrival, and they booked only 2 weeks accommodation.

By the end of their first week, they had visited 9 homes, and signed the lease on their first preference.  The girls were enrolled in school and their air-freight of “camping furniture” had arrived so they could “camp” in their new home.  Relocation on a shoestring, it can be done!