Project Description

Corporate Move: France to Melbourne

This was a new Corporate client for Personnel Relocations, and of course we were delighted!  However, it was one of those situations where the business had promised the employee (and hsi family) “anything they need” and then passed the ball to HR to sort out.  HR was new to world of moving talent across the globe, so there was no policy or framework in place – we worked with them to make sure they had one very promptly.

Alain had been offered 3 months of accommodation – because that is how long his furniture would take to arrive.

90 days accommodation for a family of 7 – 3 bedrooms – $280/night – $25,000.00

Alain had already accumulated furniture removal quotes, so we reviewed them and uncovered significant variances in the quotes some that would have had serious complications and delays in his shipment.  We prepared new quotes that were comparable and that met Alains’ family needs.

Our consultants in Melbourne secured the family a rental property within 4 weeks of their arrival, and we arranged hire furniture to be delivered so the family could return to their routine.  The children could start school, they could buy a car and settle quickly.

Corporate Saved : $17,400.00 on accommodation and car hire costs.

Most importantly, Alain and his family are still friends with their local consultant, they are grateful for the positive start to their new lives in Melbourne.