What have others done?

Moving Stories

Whether you are moving to Australia or around the globe, it is important to have people around you that are trustworthy and have your best interests at heart.

We do not believe in offering you a two or three day, packaged service, with us, the service is unlimited and on your terms.  You can choose how and when you would like our support.  To demonstrate, we have put together some Moving Stories, so you can see how others have used our service.

Personnel Relocations – we are not big, just better.

Customer Feedback

Corporate relocation – Furniture retail – Japan to Australia

“Thank you very much for kind birthday cards for all of our family. We are really surprised and happy to have these.

Time flies, the children enjoyed their school day and now have much advanced in English communication. From July, they start to go to new primary school. When they were in there as trial, already surrounded kind friends, it gonna be all right.

We have enjoyed a small trip to Sydney and Canberra last time. We go to Gold Coast next week. We really enjoy life in AU except for colder weather in Melbourne than expected. Thanks again for all your supports, our life is based on your set-up. Keep in touch, and see you soon.”