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Relocating LGBTIQ+ Communities

Corporate LGBTIQ relocations FOSTERING A CULTURE OF INCLUSION AND RESPECT   Moving to a new country is daunting enough for transferees.  If they are from the LGBTIQ+ community, extra stress factors come into play, including navigating their assigned country’s cultural and legislative attitudes towards gender diverse communities. Read further to find out how corporates can plan, prepare and support their LBQTIQ workforce. Considerations such as partner employment or loss of dual-income, and the [...]

Building a Relocation Framework

When building a relocation framework it cannot always be enough to say, “One size fits all”. Your framework should offer a range of options that satisfy the employee and meet the demands of the business.  There should be different levels of support for each level of existing employees or even a new employee. Whilst you can’t build a framework that is “one size fits all” likewise, you cannot offer employee’s different service levels if [...]

Three personality traits to look for in your international assignee

All too often, it is the brightest and most eager that are offered international assignments.  All to often, they are not the most adaptable to the changes an international assignment delivers during the relocation process. The stress of relocation will very quickly bring out the true personality traits of a person, and so often we, as relocation professionals, will see those who can cope with stress, and those who can’t – long before they [...]

Misleading advertising in real estate

Are you were wondering if the real estate industry is still known for using misleading advertising, then let me tell you a story! Unfortunately, misleading advertising in real estate is still widely spread which makes relocation difficult when you rely on the internet for budget purposes. Let me tell you, and show you, why we have to inspect every apartment or house. What you see on the Internet is usually very different to what [...]

Repatriation: It’s time to grasp the Nettle

Repatriation article by guest contributor Patti McCarthy: Author, Coach and Trainer Have you ever seen a video of a satellite screaming back to earth and then plunging into the sea, where it rocks back and forth trying to stabilise itself? This is what it feels like to repatriate. The months, weeks and finally days and hours of getting ready to leave start slowly, but as the time grows nearer and the 'To Do' [...]

Moving with children

Whilst parents must deal with the stress of the move, a very long “TO-DO” list and all the logistics of what’s being moved, and how to do it! Well, when it comes to moving with children, there is one unbreakable rule; KEEP IT SIMPLE. Keep your information simple, your tone of voice calm and remember they have different priorities to you. It is important to understand and listen to children, no matter what age [...]

Packing your home for an international move

Correct packing of personal effects takes skill, the right expertise and experience. We must remember we are not just moving furniture; it is people’s heirlooms, treasure and memories.  Breakages and damage can only be avoided if trained packers carry out the work. An international move will provide professional removalists who can pack properly to protect furniture with a range of wrapping techniques and materials such as: Specialised moving boxes and [...]

Budgeting Your Home Move

Moving house is not a common occurrence for most, it is also a very expensive exercise. Budgeting your home move is one way to help you prepare. Over the last 10 years, Personnel Relocations has met many families who are moving internationally or even interstate, and we have compiled a list of the most common mistakes people might make, or that they have not thought of. Flights Need more suitcases [...]