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Suburb orientations Australia

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An Area Orientation will help familiarise and orientate the family so they can plan and budget effectively.

Most often this service is conducted a few months prior to arrival. It is a popular service for corporates who may wish to include it as part of an interview process to show off our beautiful cities.

The service commences with an in-depth needs analysis and we will formulate either a half-day or full-day orientation based on the family needs. An additional day can be added for those families who require school tours.

  • The family is collected from their hotel
  • Driven orientation around the city to show infrastructure and transport options
  • Hand-picked suburb orientation based on family needs
  • Introduction to the style of homes, the rental process, and everyday life in Australia
  • The family is delivered back to their hotel equipped with all the information they need for their forward planning.


If you are planning to visit Austalia as part of your “look-See” then contact us to make the most of your time here.