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Trusted Network across Australia and the World

To thrive as a Global operation and continue to bring our customers the best service, we have formed tight knit working relationships with other organisations who share our vision, values and integrity.

Teamwork and collaboration with our suppliers is one of our core values, not only do we support and strengthen each other, but together we can provide so much more to our clients. Each of our alliances can bring a depth of knowledge in their area of expertise, and can be introduced at the right stage of each relocation.

Relocation Global

Furniture Removals

Our relationship with Ralph and his (family) team at Removal Brokers World Wide (R.B.W.W) started in 2010, when we were working with mutual clients.  The service offering that RBWW has is unique.  No where else will you find  combined Relocation and Removals companies who work seamlessly together, and who can offer independent quotes from around the globe or around the corner!  We have cemented our services and process over many years, it is special.

School Finding

For any family with school aged children, one of the stress points is schooling.  It can make or break the decision of moving country.

Whilst our field based relocation consultants have knowledge of the schools in their area, sometimes it is better to have a more in-depth analysis and expertise to find a school that suits the child.  For this service we call upon the expertise of Stephanie from School Finder, who has worked extensively in both the private and public education sectors.

Schools in Australia
cultural training

Cultural  Training

Cultural training is not just the icing on the cake, it is imperative to the communication and settling in of anyone moving around the globe.  We have worked with Patti since 2011 to help support and encourage new arrivals to fully immerse themselves in their new surroundings.  What Patti does is personal to each client, she does not just sit and read notes to someone so the Cultural Training box is ticked!  Patti takes time to understand the client and will base her training around their needs. Her book, Cultural Chemistry is an absolute must read.

Other Alliances

Personnel Relocations also has solid relationships with companies that can provide any other services you might need:

  • Immigration
  • Furniture Hire
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Pet Relocation
Personnel Relocations Moving with pets