You have choices

We treat every client as an individual, we are flexible to meet your needs and budget. We do not place you in a box with limited services, and just feed you the "same old". Talk to us, lets work on a relocation timeline and budget together. 

For helping you settle into Australia, you can choose between an Accompanied Relocation Service,  or an Unaccompanied Virtual Support. You may even prefer a little of each, depending on your circumstances when you arrive. The choice is yours. To bring clarity to your relocation, we can also offer a unique FORESIGHT program, this is a 6 week email program to prepare you, and help you put cost effective plans in place to save you money

When you apply for a rental property, don’t underestimate the support we can give your application. Australia is very short of quality rental properties, we can make your application stand out from the crowd. 

Accompanied support
Most popular with our international corporate clients. This service is particularly beneficial to those who will not have their own transport when they first arrive. After conducting an in-depth needs analysis, we will collect and take you to the house inspections and school tours that we have prepared for you.

Unaccompanied Support
When you are on a tight budget, but need local support, then this will appeal to you.
You will have our full support at the end of a phone, we will:

  • Discuss your requirements pre-departure
  • Shortlist and make all your appointments for rental properties, school tours, driving license, bank account and language training.
  • Always provide on going support through our network alliances


A SIX week pre-arrival program to help you plan, budget and prepare for your relocation.  As the saying goes, "Forewarned is Forearmed", and this program is desgined for the independant person who really does not want to waste money on hotel bills!  Hite the ground running with the knowledge that you can make informed decisions.

Remember, the choice is yours, take a bit of each service or pick and choose what you want from one.
As always if you have a question:   JUST ASK!

Based on our pre-departure conversations with you, we will shortlist and have appointments ready for your arrival.  Saving you money on those hotel stays and settling you in quicker.

Your MENU of choices for additional services:

  • Furniture removals
  • Tax compliance 
  • Employment law
  • Visa lodgment
  • Spouse job assistance
  • Short term accommodation booking
  • Airport transfers
  • Car Hire
  • Area and Suburb orientation
  • Welcome packs, which include local maps, information and local amenities.
  • Drivers License
  • Cultural training
  • Education specialist
  • Bank account appointment
  • Shortlist and make appointments for home viewings
  • Make appointments for school visits
  • Initiate language lessons and cultural training
  • Spouse job search assistance
  • First night home essentials gift
  • Tenancy management support and advice

The process is simple:

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Relocating on a shoestring?

If you are moving across the city or across the globe, we can arrange professional support at each critical stage of a relocation.

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