What makes us special, is making you special.

From our office in Melbourne,  we project mange global and local relocations.  Our international relocation project team manages relocations both to and from Australia, and we have managed relocations who do not even arrive on Australian soil. 

We are a ONE STOP SHOP for all your relocation needs.  

One point of contact  -  One invoice -   so easy!

We offer a full accompanied support program, best for key international staff, or, a more cost effective virtual service - mostly used for high volume junior staff.

You can be assured of saving money on those hotel bills when using either of our settling in services.

Alongside our relocation support we can also manage:

  • Furniture removals
  • Booking of short term accommodation 
  • Relocation of all personal effects, including pets
  • Pre/Post move house cleans
  • Departure and Destination services across the globe
  • Global Cultural training and coaching
  • Immigration and Visa consultant
  • Education specialist
  • Spouse job search program
  • Additional after care support
  • Consulting service for corporate relocation budget and policies.

The world is becoming a smaller place, and international relocations are becoming more common place.  

We help you with 3 Important issues in your HR department.

Saving you time
1. By settling the employee in quickly, they are more productive behind their desk in quicker time.
2. Our sole focus is settling in your employee, they receive a dedicated consultant to ensure they can start enjoying Melbourne quicker.
3. Budgeting is much more straightforward when you don’t have to track it across departments, 
just talk to us.

Saving you money
1. We can uphold your budget and policy without internal office influence or bullying
2. Best rates and attention;  for services that are not typically found in a corporate context, such as estate agents or furniture hire.
3. Our wide range of tailor made services makes getting what you want easy.
 Support for recruitment & retention
1. We welcome your new member of staff together. We present your employee with a welcome letter and information pack, that includes your company branding, so it is always in the forefront of their mind, that you care and are giving them the best welcome you can.
2. Your employee commences their new assignment with a sense of loyalty and excitement, rather than nervous anticipation.
3. “Spouse Engagement” is a major contributing factor to consider during an international relocation, we ensure they are not forgotten.  

Quater three 
Cultural training and opening a bank account

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Engaging the Spouse

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Are you getting the most from your relocations agent?

If you would like to know how we can help with the time sensitive task of relocations in your business:

 “The recently-released GMAC Global Relocation Services™ Global Relocation Trends  Survey Report cites :
 66% of respondents to their survey, (180 of the top global companies) claimed spouse/partner careers as a chief reason for assignment refusal. Followed by “other family concerns” being a consideration. “

Founder of Personnel Relocations says:
"We relocate families, not boxes"