What else can we help you with?

We provide a close-knit support, a single point of contact from start to finish for all your relocation needs, which we project manager on your behalf. You have the flexibilty to choose which services your would like. For this reason, and to give you the best opportunities, we have formed alliances with likeminded business.  Please feel free to either ask us to arrange any of these services for you, or, feel free to connect with them directly. 



How can expatriate coaching help you?

Patti McCarthy of Cultural Chemistry calls herself a ‘cultural translator, someone who helps people from different cultures to communicate and connect more effectively’.  Patti argues that while nobody would attempt to play competitive sport without first learning the rules of the game, this is precisely what happens when you move from overseas and fail to have a cultural induction.

Originally from England, Patti ended up in Australia after a circuitous journey that included living in Belgium, New Jersey, Botswana and Singapore.  She’s a ‘third-culture kid’ who has been an uprooted child, an angry teenager, a trailing spouse and an expat businesswoman. She knows first -hand how hard it can be to put your life in a box and move it across the world – or even just to the next state  - and she assists her clients with a combination of business insights, emotional support and practical strategies to make the move a success for all members of the family.

Apart from her personal experiences in relocating, Patti worked for three years as a relocation consultant before training as a life coach and setting up her own business providing cross-cultural consulting and expatriate coaching both to major Australian businesses and to individuals who have made their own way to Australia in search of a better life.

For further information please visit her website a: www.culturalchemistry.com.au

Removal Brokers Worldwide

For the last 5 years, we have worked closely with Ralph Bourke and his team in providing our Corporate and Private relocations peace of mind. Ralph has over 30 years experience in evaluating, selecting, managing and rating removal services. Combined with his, he has refined the process and created initiatives you can trust. 

If your move is across town, or across the globe, our partnership with RBWW will ensure a smooth transition, not only for your personal effects, but your pets, vehicles, piano's or antiques.

Sheryl Zorella of Migration SolutionZ,

 . . . has helped a large number of people successfully migrate to Australia over the years.  Her service is highly professional but she is also friendly and approachable and she guarantees you her best personal service at all times. Sheryl is well versed in migration law and can identify pit-falls before they arise.  She has a keen eye for detail and a high regard for accuracy and thoroughness, qualities that are essential when preparing your visa application.  

Sheryl is herself a migrant to Australia and knows full well the trials and tribulations of moving to a new country.  She is passionate about making the process as seamless as possible for the prospective migrant.

For further information: http://www.migrationsolution.com

Debbie, is from “Give me your list”.

 For all of those loose ends you need to tie up, or when you need an extra pair of hands, then Debbie is your personal concierge to call on.  There are so many little “jobs” to get done when you arrive, what if you need to let a tradesperson into the house – but you really can’t take a day off too wait at home, well Debbie can!  Solution and problem solved.  Need to find a cleaner, help sort out the house or, want a shopping tour – even a wine tour, then contact Debbie.